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Donate to is brought to you by Yves Cainaud. The ski map overlay at is also used freely by other websites and mobile applications.
However, the servers rented to run the website have a cost.
Please support Opensnowmap in order to welcome more users each year in good conditions and the development of this service showcasing ski mapping at Openstreetmap. est mis à votre disposition par Yves Cainaud. La carte des pistes de ski est également utilisée gratuitement par d'autres sites web, et par des applications pour mobile.
Les serveurs en location ont néanmoins un coût.
Merci d'apporter votre support afin de pouvoir accueillir de nouveau utilisateurs chaque année, et de permettre le développement de ce service qui met en avant la cartographie des pistes dans Openstreetmap.

Contact Yves at (replace _at_ with @) for any question or suggestion.

Donations with Paypal will be used solely to cover the server cost on, Paypal keeps a small transaction fee.

You can participate to Opensnowmap development. The website, map style and server-side work is completely open-source: Opensnowmap on github


  Donations / server cost   ~1300 Euros


  Donations / server cost   ~1300 Euros


  Donations / server cost   ~1300 Euros


  Donations / server cost   ~1300 Euros


End 2019, the server is replaced by a more powerful one, whose cost for a year have been generously supported by a heavy tile user.
  Donations / server cost   ~1300 Euros


  Donations / server cost   ~1200 Euros


Mid 2016, the servers have been replaced. Redundancy has been abandoned, the new server is dedicated to the Base Snow Map layer.
  Donations / server cost   ~1200 Euros


In 2016, the servers may have to be replaced for fresher ones to support the load, doubling from last year:
  Donations / server cost   ~1200 Euros


  Donations / server cost   ~1200 Euros