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The map at is not enough ? On this page you can find ski extracts from the openstreetmap database in various formats.
This extract contains, recursively, way, nodes and relations tagged with:
  - piste:type=*
  - aerialway=*
  - site=piste
  - sport=ski_jump
  - sport=skating
  - sport=ski_jump_take_off

Data are available under the term of the ODBL License, attribution must be granted to (c) & contributors wherever the data is used. You are welcome to provide this data 'Courtesy of'.

Tiles are available under the term of the CC-BY-SA License, attribution must be granted to (c) wherever these tiles are used.

OSM Format

An extract of the osm database is available daily here: planet_pistes.osm.gz
File timestamp: planet_pistes-state.txt

Mobile - Vector Format

Ski pistes are now integrated directly in Osmand map files, you just have to enable the winter+ski style and no longer need to download ski maps separately.

Mobile - Tile Format

Overlay (transparent) tile packages up to zoom 16 are regularly extracted. They are offered in MBTiles sqlite format, please contact your mobile application help channel for support in converting them.

Bulk download of tiles by any application is strictly forbidden without prior acknowledgement. The server is not able to handle such a load.

Please use the following links instead.