The distance from each ski area extracted from OpenStreetMap and the closest ski area known in the project tells us if a ski area is likely missing from The criterium here is 2km.

The reverse analysis can be found here: Pistes missing from


  OSM ski area farther than 2km from a ski area
  OSM ski area closer than 2km from a ski area ski area downhill ski pistes at low zoom crosscountry ski pistes at low zoom

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There is very little doubt that OpenStreetMaps has a complete set of ski pistes neither has maps for any ski resort in the world. However, by comparing both projects we can have a coarse idea of their completness. At least, I hope these results will increase the will to participate to both projects.

Last run

  • Last run on: xx
  • has xx ski areas
  • Openstreetmap has xx downhill ski areas
  • Openstreetmap has xx nordic ski areas
  • xx areas are close to OSM downhill areas  
  • xx areas are close to OSM nordic areas  

What are OpenStreetMap ski areas ?

For this analysis, OSM pistes of the same type (downhill or crosscountry skiing) are buffered and glued together so that a ski area looks like a polygon. This is a coarse approximation of a ski area in OSM, as the mapping of ski resorts per se is scarce compared to the number of pistes mapped.
Also, large networks of pistes (notably for nordic skiing) are split arbitrarily in regular areas ranging from 20km to 40km.

no distinction is made wether a ski area is tagged nordic or downhill at's, only for OSM data.

How is it done exactly ?

Have a look on the github repository, the analysis is done in the .sql files.
Thanks a lot to Russel to make data available trough an API.