The distance from each ski area known in the project to the closest piste or lift in OpenStreetMap tells us if pistes are likely missing in OSM. The criterium here is 5km.

The reverse analysis can be found here: Ski area missing from

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There is very little doubt that OpenStreetMaps has a complete set of ski pistes neither has maps for any ski resort in the world. However, by comparing both projects we can have a coarse idea of their completness. At least, I hope these results will increase the will to participate to both projects.

Among the caveat of the method, of course the 5km criterium is a bit arbitrary. Also, one can consider that the geocoding of ski areas coordinates at can be less precise. However, a good deal of ski areas shows distances of less than 1km. Also, nothing is done on the completeness of a particular area (length of pistes mapped, number of lifts, etc …).

The data is organized in the same region / sub-region / sub-sub region that uses, thanks a lot to Russel to make data available trough an API.

How is it done exactly ?

Have a look on the github repository, the analysis is done by the python script.